The slow cooker makes a speedy comeback

3 kick ass crockpot cooking ideas:

Wipe the notion of fatty bland meals prepared by your suburban housewife of times gone by. These crockpot dishes are an awesome way to prepare meals that will save you time, money, and quite possibly your midsection (or flabby thighs, or double chin, or insert other dissatisfaction with your body here).

The appeal:

First of all it’s easy: you load up the crockpot you set the temperature and go away. Seriously go away and come back in 4-8 hours depending on the heat setting and you will have many a portion of whatever meal you decide on. Second of all you can cook in massive quantities with little to no extra effort. Im a HUGE fan of batch cooking. Freeze some put it away, serve your whole family, or just eat it all if your trying to bulk up. Lastly it’s a way to transform cheap grizzly cuts of meat into tender melt in your mouth awesomeness. Filet and prime rib are awesome but definitely not an everyday affair on my budget. With crockpot cooking meat that would be unsavory if grilled or cooked like steak will with enough time, a little liquid, and low and slow heat become mouthwateringly tender.

The recipes:

Asian coconut chicken soup

A unique crockpot soup with an exotic flair. This dish combines salty, sweet, savory, and tangy together (the spicy is optional)

Photo is with chicken thighs and drumsticks, effect is the same

2 cans reduced fat coconut milk
4 – 6 chicken breasts (depending on size of crockpot)
2 cups salsa (chunkier the better)
1-2 cups mushrooms
1 tablespoon fish sauce
Juice of 1 lemon
Fresh ginger (optional, but dear god don’t use powdered this is not the time nor the place)
Chili peppers or Thai chili pepper paste (also optional but exceptional)
Chicken stock to cover the meat
Salt and pepper to taste

Put it in the crockpot, cook it, put it in a bowl
Serve along side stir fried cauliflower “rice” (better than it sounds I realize)

Collard greens and Smoked Turkey

Considered a southern specialty this dish is super high in fiber and flavor.

2 bags precut, and washed collard greens (about 2lbs)
1 giant renaissance festival worthy smoked turkey leg
Chicken stock to fill the pot half way
A healthy splash of apple cider vinegar (don’t get carried away, you want just a subtle hint not a slap in the face)
Salt and pepper to taste

Put it in the crock pot, cook it, separate meat from turkey leg and put it all in a bowl.

How’s that for a before and after shot. Eat your heart out Jared my kale (as pictured) lost 5 times its size.

It’s a Crock Pot Roast

Your typical crockpot one dish hit and run. An ancient beast if a pleasing one there ever was. This dish reminds me of ma’s cookin’ (only less burnt).

2 lbs lean stewing meat (like bottom round roast or such)
2 cups carrots
2 cups celery
2 cups onion
2 bay leaves
1-2 cans diced tomato (with green peppers would be an added bonus)
1 beer (amber to dark brown preferred, don’t worry you will be cooking out the alcohol)
Enough water to come half way up the meat
Salt and pepper to taste
Green onions add a nice touch to finish

Put it in the crock pot, cook it flipping the meat halfway through the process, put it in a bowl with some of the juice/sauce on top.
Mashed cauliflower and steamed asparagus makes an awesome side to this. I promise you won’t miss the potatoes.

There you have it 3 easy, tasty, and economical crockpot dishes. All are likely to help you achieve your fitness/ nutrition goals as they don’t include anything high in starch/ carbs and are full of complete proteins. If you are unsure as to how these dishes might fit into the grand scheme of things with regard to your goals and your plan check out my services site or drop me a line.

(note: although all pictures were taken with their lids removed for photo quality purposes, please leave the lid on during the cooking process. Also make sure and plug it in before operation)

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  1. Corey says:

    Looks good!

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