Pecan Pie protein Smoothie

And a case study on motivation

This may come as a shock to you, but I’ve never been a goody two shoes. Particularly growing up I much preferred the thrill of challenging authority and generally being a pain in the neck. I was always getting into fights on the schoolyard (usually over some percieved insult my pride not allowing me to back down); but in the 1st grade I had a teacher who knew exactly how to bring out the best in me. She knew the best way to keeping me in line was straight through my belly.

You see Ms.Allen promised her students that if they could go 100 days without getting into trouble or breaking any rules she would take them on a field trip to House of Pies. House of Pies is truly a landmark in Houston, TX where I am from. If you ever get the chance and your waistline can afford it I highly recommend stopping by.

Back when I was a kid 100 days might has well have been 1000, there was no way I thought. Not me, I would never see the inside of the hallowed place. But at some point between scuffles on the playground, I heard one of my friends talk about the amazing ice-cream and how fun it was getting to leave class just to go have pie with the teacher. They talked about all the different kinds of pies and milk shakes you could get; this place had everything! Key lime, banana cream pie, cheese cake, you name it. But there was only one option for me: Pecan Pie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The marriage of sweetness, crunchy roasted pecans, and crumbly crust with the smooth velvety vanilla ice cream.

I knew, I had to make that trip. I had to somehow keep myself from yelling indoors, remember to bring my homework, keep my desk clean, and abstain from doing all the other things that usually came as second nature to me. In general be a good kid.

House of Pies on Westheimer Rd in Houston, TX

120 something days later (I had a few relapses) I was taken out of class to go with Ms. Allen to the pie shop for pie and ice cream. Success never tasted so sweet. Naturally I got into a fight over the swing set the very next day but hey at least I got my prize.

This recipe is a protein shake that could earn you a few extra points with YOUR teacher because it is full of muscle building protein, disease fighting tocopherols (vitamin-E), and heart health promoting fats. You don’t even have to be a good kid for over 3 months to earn one either (though I do recommend always saying please and thank you).

Pecan Pie Protein Smoothie:

2 cups ice
2 scoops Metabolic drive vanilla protein powder (my favorite but use what ever brand you like)
1/2 cup toasted pecans
1/4 cup sugar free pancake syrup (more if you like it sweeter)
Enough water to get things spinning (1/4-1/2 cup or as little as needed)

Blend to desired consistency. (more blending equals thicker shake less blending equals icier shake, stay tuned for a dedicated shake making technique post)

Makes two small servings as a meal replacement or 4 servings as a desert.

Deceptively simple, luxuriously delicious.

So thanks Ms. Allen; your the best 1st grade teacher a guy could ever have. Your methods of positive incentive motivated me to new heights. I don’t think Ive ever been that well behaved before (or ever since). Hmm, maybe I could use deserts as a reward to help me achieve my goals…? That might be counterproductive. I think I’ll just stick to the shakes for now.

ps. I didn’t mix up my b’s and d’s this time Ms. Allen arnt you proub!

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One Response to Pecan Pie protein Smoothie

  1. Lynn Fantom says:

    This smoothie is a great reward for a tough workout. Truly competitive to the pie in flavor — really!

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