Quick Pre-Stuff Your Face workout

 Minimizing abb destruction

Its thanksgiving day and we all plan on overdoing it lil (or alot) with the stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and all the other stuff I probably wouldn’t be eating in an entire week let alone one meal.  But I plan on enjoying this holiday feast because I am not OCD despite what my friends and clients think.  I will however, do what is in my best ability to minimize the impact said meal is going to have on maintaining a low bodyfat percentage and staying lean.  Thus some purposeful exercise is in order.  You see when we engage in purposeful exercise certain hormonal shifts occur in the body that favor energy expenditure.  This hormonal shift also gives an advantage directly after training: improved insulin sensitivity.  And what does that mean to us?  Better carb tolerance.  Yes, simply by exercising before a big meal we can reduce the impact that meal will have not just in total calories but also in content.  Suddenly all those carbs wont go straight to your waistline.  So I plan on burning a few extra calories and putting myself in a favorable hormone state by this brief but intense mini workout.

The Challenge:

 I am traveling with a friend to Sleepy Hallow to visit his family so I will not have any equipment to rely on. No bikes, no sleds, no kettlebells, no barbells.  None of the usual stuff I rely on to get blood pumping and the sweat dripping.  Which I plan on doing for about 10 minutes (ok maybe 15 if Im feeling productive).
Now lets keep in mind that I had major shoulder surgery (a completely torn labrum 360º for those curious) in September so my exercise selection is already a bit limited and I will be doing a few extra exercises you will probably not need to work on my shoulder stability.  So no push ups, pull ups, handstands, chair dips, burpees, etc, and others that might work for a normal Joe. 

The Solution


Im going to pack this jump rope these two mini-bands and this one super band.  I think with these and my creativity I should be able to hack it.

The Workout

Warm-up 5-7min total:
Jump rope 3-min
Mobility/ activation drills 2-min
(8 ea) clam shells, bird dogs, single leg hip lifts, plank (20s), hip mobility
single leg balance
Circuit x 3 sets (10min)
Pistol squat 5 reps ea leg
External Shoulder rotation
Internal Shoulder Rotation
Hang arm stretch for active recovery 2 mins
Conditioning 5 min
Jump rope tabattas x10 rounds
20seconds intense: 10 seconds rest
Cool down-2min
Mobility drills



There you go I estimate this will take just over 20 mins.  I’ll update yall and let you know how it goes and provide video of some of the exercises in an update later this evening.  So stay tuned!

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