A Brief Lettuce Wrap up

The first steps after a long fall

After bouncing back from a recent shoulder surgery and coming out of my funk I started cooking again and taking care of myself. It took me a week and a half but bounce back I did. Now a week and a half off may not seem like a long time to some that don’t train for years because “life is too crazy” or whatever excuse you can come up with. But a week and a half of eating crap food and not training drains my soul. Granted I had a legitimate excuse and was hopped up on pain killers nearly 24/7 the week after my surgery. But that phase didn’t last long, I got back on my feet and back in the kitchen. After my first post-op workout everything seemed to fall into place. You know sometimes you just gotta get moving, get a little sweat going. As Confucius say: “The man who contemplates the perfect step on a long journey forever spends his time on one leg” (or something like that). Take those little baby steps and know that they will eventually build to bigger and better things.

Initiate Project Epcot:

It was pretty rough at first only using one arm. Lifting stock pots and such was a major PITA and sometimes just damn impossible (I had to ask my roomies for help a couple times). But once I determined I wanted to cook a french food week I got excited and started planning my menu. My clients and friends were so interested that I started doing these themed menus every week since. Here is a quick breakdown of what I have been up to the past month and a half or so. Future updates will include more detail and more photos.

French Bistro Week (oct 15th)

wt= 145.6 BF=11.1%

Steak and asparagus
Roast chicken with mashed cauliflower
French Lentils
Tuna crouettes on arugala salad

Latin Week (Oct 23)

wt= 143.3 BF= 11.2%

Fish taco lettuce wraps w/ coleslaw and low-cal chipotle dressing
Taco salad with pork tenderloin and fresh pico/ guac
Carne Asada with grilled bell pepper, onion, and portabello
Pulled chicken breast with home made Molé sauce (this was a PITA and not worth repeating)
Baked plantains (post workout carb source)

English menu (Oct 30)

wt= 142.57 BF=10.42%
(not an easy cuisine to make figure friendly and tasty what was I thinking?! turned out ok though)
Shephard’s Pie w/ mashed cauliflower on top
Welsch rarebit inspired salad
Roast beast w/ home made horse radish sauce over spinach and artichoke
Oven “fried” fish and Chips
Baked Beet Salad w/ walnuts and blue cheese

Greek Week (Nov 5th)

wt=141.65 BF=9.35%

Chicken breast (sous vide in keifer) salad w/ taziki sauce
Home made goats milk yogurt and chopped dates
Beef Kafka-bobs w/ roast tomato sauce on spinach
Grilled tilapia marinated in parsley lemon sauce
Cauliflower tabouleh w/ sun dried tomato
Home made hummus with assorted veggies for dipping
pita chips (post workout carb source)

Indian Week (nov 12th)

wt=141.27 BF=9.47%

Saag with spinach and tofu
“Tandoori” chicken salad with yogurt lemon dressing
Tilapia sous vide with sauted okra and shallots
Goat Tika masala over cauliflower “rice”
Home made mango lassi ice cream

Stepford Housewife 1950’s (nov 19)

wt=139.94 bf=8.61%

Tuna casserole 2.0 w/ shirataki noodles and spinach
Pork chops and applesauce with green beans
Pot Roast with turnips and brussle sprouts
Chicken Meatloaf and mashed cauliflower
Breakfat Quiche (ham, artichokes, spinach, and mushroom)
Tang flavored Agar Jello
Cottage cheese and rhubarb “jam”
Pecan Pie Protein Shake (AMAZING)

On deck for next week: Pot luck

too many leftovers to justify a new themed week but I’m thinking Vietnamese the week after that.
Other themed weeks I have done previously w/o enough documentation for write up:
Cajun, Italian, Southwestern/Tex-Mex, Thai, German, Chinese, all I can think of right now

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