Christmas is for Carbs

’tis the season to eat jelly rolls
I am not an all or nothing kind of guy.  I very much enjoy my cheat meals and they help keep me sane.  There is very little outcome difference between following a solid plan 90% of the time vs 100% of the time (if your preparing for an athletic event this does not apply to you, sorry).  So plan your 10% and enjoy it.  I know I did this holiday season.  Here are some of the photos I took of the baked goodness I prepared for my family this past holiday.  You will find bagels, focaccia, and cinnamon rolls (oh my!)

You can now see that not EVERYTHING I cook has to be healthy (although I was able to sneak some flax seeds on the bagels and some greens on the focaccia, good luck on the cinnamon buns).  

The last time I baked bread like this was about 4 years ago when my Grandmother was last in Houston.  That Christmas we baked bread together and made pasta and really enjoyed working together in the kitchen.  This year we were fortunate enough to have our Grandmother with us yet again to help celebrate Christmas.  I thought what better way to show my Grandmother how much I appreciate her than by baking the bread that she thought was so wonderful.  And so Christmas Bake Fest 2011 was born.  (I also built my own sous vide machine but that will have to wait for another post.)  Even though I hadn’t baked serious bread in some years, it came out splendidly.  My mother was all too happy to volunteer my baking (especially the cinnamon buns) as our new holiday tradition.
So if you know ahead of time that there are cheat meals coming (like Christmas 2012 for example and lets be honest New Years eve is just a week away) plan for them; enjoy them.  Then get back on task once they are over.  I am on the plane now and my next feeding is scheduled in about half an hour.  Christmas Bake Fest 2011 may be over but that doesn’t mean my food has to be bland and boring.  Luckily I packed some lean beef jerky (authentic TX smokehouse style of course!)  and a dried seaweed salad (stay tuned for the recipe).  As always if you need help figuring out what your 10% or your 90% should look like hit me up, I’d be happy to help.  Or just read a few of the recipes here on this blog most of them would fall under that 90% category.  Eat well!

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