Sour Milk can be a good thing

How to Make your own yogurt
Without one of those stupid single task space eating appliances.

[Begin Scene]
[Enter Harry and Sally two friends conversing at the gym in between sets of squats]

Harry: Why make your own yogurt when there are plenty of perfectly good ones right around the corner at your neighborhood deli?

Sally: Well does your neighborhood deli have goats milk yogurt?

Harry: Maybe, never thought to look.  I don’t think I would like that though it sounds gross.

Sally:  really? Do you like goat cheese?

Harry: Oh yes! I love goat cheese.  I once had this delicious goat cheese medallion spring salad at Pietrosanto’s for brunch. It was quite lovely how the chef arranged the pieces to resemble a..

Sally:  [interrupting] yeah… Exactly. Goats milk yogurt tastes just like goat cheese.  In fact you can even make a creamy fresh goats cheese out of your yogurt once you do make it.  Making your own yogurt also gives you the power to choose where the milk is coming from if you care about that sort of thing.  Commercial yogurts also frequently use stabilizers, sweeteners, or other additives.  Making your own also let’s you customize flavor and texture and experiment to your heart’s content.

[End Scene]

I have a bit of an obsession with Greek yogurt. Anybody that knows me knows that. Love the stuff.  My favorite thing to do is to chop dried figs and sprinkle just a touch of stevia on top. Serve with toasted pecans or almonds. It makes for a convenient snack that is super high in protein. If your interested in all the health benefits afforded by yogurt check here.   It can usually even be tolerated by those that are lactose intolerant.

So without further ado here is how to make your own yogurt.

You can really do this with any type of milk, all that matters is the temperature control.  In this example I actually used powdered milk cause that’s what I had.

First scald the milk to 185°F.  This will kill any lingering bacteria.  While it is heating on your stove clean your containment vessel (I like this one because it makes me feel like a mad scientist with a chemistry flask).

Let cool to 120-130° then inoculate with 1/2 cup of your favorite store-bought yogurt containing active live culture (it should say something somewhere on the container about having live bacteria).  I used a couple scoops of Chiobani Greek yogurt because thats what I already had, but use whatever you think tastes good.  Whisk it in then pour into your containment vessel.

Secure a heating pad around the container and place in a cooler.  Try and keep the temperature around 120°F.  Any higher than 130°F and you will be committing bacterial genocide as you kill all the yogurt creating flora.  Any lower and the microorganisms get too lazy and don’t do their job.

After several hours (3 at least) or so it should have thickened and taste super awesome.  You can now consume as is, make a light salad dressing from it, salt it and strain it and use it like goat cheese.  Be creative here! I used mine to marinade meat in for this weeks Indian theme food. It also works nicely in place of sour cream like in a mashed cauliflower recipe.

There you have it, super easy, super simple.  If this seems to be still too much for you why not try making Keifer?  (Just sprinkle some Keifer starter in a jug of milk and leave out at room temp until slightly thickened and tart. The commercial starter will take care of the rest.) Couldn’t be easier.  Now go froth and ferment your milk products.

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