My Blog:

I love food and I love fitness. The two can sometimes be at odds with one another though I usually manage to find the common ground. That’s really what this site is about. Weather I am trying to bulk up and gain strength or cut weight and maintain muscle I always do so with the use of good food and good nutrition. Achieving one’s fitness and physique goals does not have to be an exercise in masochistic denial of all good food. The recipes and strategies contained here demonstrate this. I do all my own cooking saving me lots of money each week though there are times I will make tactical decisions to save prep work/time. I usually shop on Saturday mornings and cook for a few hours on Sunday. I could cook all day (and have before) but sadly there are other things I typically have to do on the weekends as well. This puts my cooking time to about 4 hours each week. It may sound like a good chunk of time but when you consider I am typically talking about preparing 30+ meals (not just servings but full on meals) the 4 hour mark is actually impressive. Lately I have been centering my weekly menus around a theme to give me more inspiration and force me to continue expanding my repitoire.

Oh yeah and my degree is in Exercise and Sports Sciences I am a Certified Strength and Conditionig Specialist by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach. I have placed in the USA Power Lifting opens in Virginia and continue to compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and grappling locally. Almost forgot that self promotion stuff.

You still want to know more about me?

Fine, but I don’t like talking about myself because it’s corny so this I lifted from my bio on my professional/ services site. Don’t like it? Deal.

Born in Houston, TX, Brent Carter developed his keen sense of kinesthetic awareness at a young age competing in gymnastics in USGF and USAG. Gymnastics naturally progressed to an interest in dance where Brent performed and trained with Houston Ballet, an international ballet company. Due to a severe injury his professional dance career was cut short but ultimately resulted in his introduction to the fitness industry. Though much time and physical therapy was required Brent Carter has since placed and won grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments and placed in the USAPL powerlifting association. His passion for training athleticism and physique continue to drive his professional development. When he is not training he can usually be found crafting the delicious food that supports his training goals. He cooked in college to support himself and although he doesn’t have to follow anyone’s menu but his own now, he continues to make photo worthy meals. Check out some of his recipes here.

Yeah told you it was corny.

Please enjoy my site, feedback as well as requests are welcome and encouraged. Unless your a negative nancy, you can take that elsewhere. Or if your just a nancy in general, I don’t like wimps and whiners.

I hate myself already for posting this picture but what self respecting fitness “pro” would I be if I didn’t have a shot with me scantily clad on a beach somewhere with my personal cooler in tow



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